The Turnabout Trials

The Final Trial

As the Old Woman makes her way up the staircase, she slowly moves one foot at a time to each step before moving onto the next. The creaking that accompanies each step causes you, for the first time in your life, to question the structural integrity of a shoe.You and Layton are led into a dusty room, empty, other than stacked boxes, cobwebs, and, on the far end of the room, an ornate mirror. Though the frame demonstrates a high degree of craftsmanship, nothing about it feels particularly magical, other than the testimony of a questionably sane old woman, a weird little goblin man, and the world’s foremost expert on puzzles and irritation.“Astounding,” remarks Layton, upon seeing what may or may not just be a kinda nice mirror.Layton inspects the mirror from all angles. The mirror seems unphased.“How is it used?” asks a grown man about a mirror.“First you must address the mirror,” the Old Woman says before pausing, though you’re unsure if it’s for dramatic effect or if she’s forgotten the end of the sentence. “Then you must prove yourself worthy.”Oh my god, you think.“I wish you luck,” the woman says before leaving the room.You look at Layton. After a pause, he speaks. “Hello.” Nothing. “Are you the magic mirror?” Still nothing.“Mirror mirror on the wall,” you say, sarcastically. Before you can finish being snarky, you are interrupted by an ethereal hum.“Clever thinking, my boy!” encourages Layton.Slowly, writing and image fade onto the mirror. Magically.Her name…”You dart out of the room in search of the old woman, known only as Old Woman, who is nowhere to be found.“Well, there’s only one thing to be done now.” declares Layton excitedly. You mostly just wish people would start introducing themselves so you don’t have to keep solving stupid riddles for basic information.What is the Old Woman’s name? You will need the answers from the previous locations to complete this final puzzle. Good luck!

The 3rd Trial

As you traipse through the woods on the very edge of town, you wonder why Layton decided to follow the directions of a strange little goblin man like Robert, as well as why you then decided to follow Layton.“It’s hard to believe there’d be a soul living out here,” remarks Layton. “And on the subject of soles…” Layton getting metaphysical makes you want to smack him in the back of the head, but then you realize the truth is even worse: he was trying to be funny.Just as Robert described, you and Layton come upon a shoe shaped cabin in the middle of the woods. Layton approaches and knocks twice. After a pause, he knocks twice more. You hear a voice from inside the shoe.“Go away!” shouts an old woman. Layton smiles. “Ah, you must be the Ol…wner of this house!” The woman repeats herself. “We don’t mean to bother you” Layton states, bothering her. “We’ve been directed here because we’re looking for something most peculiar. Would you by any chance know anything about an unusual mirror?”
You hear quick footsteps from inside, then nothing, until a window opens above you. The woman sticks her head out. “The hat…the hair…just as it said,” she mutters.
“I’ll let you see it,” she says, “but only if you can figure out how to unlock the door”.Layton surveys the exterior of the shoe-home, then smiles upon seeing a strange, vaguely shoe-shaped panel on the front door. It has more holes than normal and a shoelace hanging beside it. “Just our forte” says Layton, misusing the word ‘our’.If you can properly use the lace with the panel, you may be able to figure out a 10 letter password. Good luck!

The 2nd Trial

As the cab that Layton called drives further and further from the "respectable" parts of town, you quietly hope that the Professor hasn’t taken up serial killing since the last time you met.“A most curious artifact…” mumbles Layton. He’d done far more pondering out loud than explaining. The cab driver cautiously slows down in front of an abandoned gas station, looking in the rear view mirror with a concerned expression, as if to say “” Layton snaps out of his pensive haze, pays the driver, and exits the car. “Come along, he’ll probably be here by now!” Layton shouts while you consider if you should just ask the driver to floor it.Layton explains to you that he has come to town in pursuit of a magic mirror rumored to hold the answer to any question. You are in equal parts annoyed at his indulgence in such a ridiculous theory and in fear of how much more annoying the professor will be if he has instantaneous access to every puzzle in the world.“The man we are looking for is a recluse rumored to have an extensive knowledge of artifacts of this nature.” Layton mutters, “though I never did catch his name…”Beside you, you hear the sound of shattering glass as a short, balding man jumps through the remains of one of the station’s broken windows. A charge of smoke goes off a second or two after he lands, though he clearly wants you to be more impressed by his dramatic entrance than it deserves.“Professor! Spiky stranger!” the man shouts raspily.“Good evening, sir” says an unphased Layton. “I am told you might know the whereabouts of a magic mirror said to be located in this town.”“No need to rush, we haven’t even been introduced!” the man says while hopping in place on alternating feet.“Well, you know me, Professor Herschel Layton. This here is my associate Phoenix Wright. I don’t believe I cau-”The man interrupts, seizing his own unsubtle segue."Professor Herschel Layton (a Propper, Hatted Lad)
Solve my riddle! Don’t make me sad!
Your initial reactions to my clues
Will help you learn the name I use!"

The 1st Trial

One day, just before dark, you finish an exhausting day at the office and sit down for a drink at the local pub. As you take your last sip of grape juice, you hear a small shuffle beside you, but when you turn to look, no one is there. On the barstool next to you is a strange note.
It seems like...a bizarre invitation to meet up? Who'd want to meet someone like you? Why didn't they just ask? Though skeptical of someone who'd sooner write a puzzle than start a conversation, you take a closer look at the note. Where does this stranger want to meet you?


Where do I start?
You need 6 letters to form the Old Woman's name. Use the answers from the previous 3 trials to find them.
Any tips for solving the individual clues?
A few to get you started...for the top left: light, initials
I'm still stuck, anything else?
Try working backwards using what you already know from the previous trials. You can only eliminate letters you already have...
Where do I input my answer?
Click on the "Answer Checker" button in the header and input your guess.
Are there prizes involved?
Should enough puzzle solvers reach the end of the trials, a special item will appear in Once Upon a Turnabout zine orders...Follow the prompt in the Answer Checker for a chance to win a full zine bundle!
Have more questions?
Email us at [email protected]